De Bondt

We offer high quality services to our clients, based on the long-term rich experience and thanks to our qualified, highly professional team of internal and external collaborators.

Our company was founded in 1996 by the Dutch and Slovak partners, with its main seat in Trenčín and branches opened later in Žilina and Trnava. In 2019, an affiliated company was founded in cooperation with our German partner Con-tura in the city of Potsdam. De Bondt is a member of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers as well as a member of the Merge organisation, the European network of consulting engineers.

Our team has excellent language skills - our colleagues communicate in English, German and Dutch language, we are used to using the Eurocode standards with applications for national markets (German, Dutch) and we communicate with the inspection structural engineers (Prüfstatiker) in Germany.

De Bondt

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René Meravý Murárik
De Bondt
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