suisseplan Ingenieure AG

suisseplan Ingenieure AG

With offices in Zürich, Aarau and Lucerne, the suisseplan group now employs approximately 70 structural, civil and mechanical engineers and technical staff, as well as natural scientists, spatial planners and IT specialists. Appox. 80% of the turnover is being generated in Switzerland. The remainder can be attributed to efforts in various European countries.

The shares of the holding and the subsidiary companies are in the exclusive possession of the leading staff. Through its membership of USIC (the Swiss federation of independent consulting engineers), suisseplan Ingenieure is also a member of FIDIC (the international federation of consulting engineers).


suisseplan Ingenieure provides planning, design and supervision as well as expertise and consulting services in

  1. Structural and Civil Engineering
  2. Project development
  3. Safety Analyses & Environmental Engineering
  4. Standardised Impact Analyses of Gas Pipelines
  5. Regional & Spatial Planning
  6. Landscape & Urban Open Space Planning

Structural and Civil Engineering

  • Conceptual studies for projects from both the industry and the public sector
  • Design and project management in structural and civil engineering
  • Site supervision and quality control
  • Analysis and maintenance of buildings, underground parking and bridges
  • Seismic retrofitting

Safety Analysis and Environmental Engineering

  • Risk analysis (quantitative and qualitative) for hazards in industry or transport
  • Feasibility studies for risk minimizing options
  • Environmental impact assessment reports
  • Ecological site supervision
  • Risk dialogue with authorities and the public 

Standardised Impact Analyses of Gas Pipelines

  • Risk assessment for high pressure gas pipelines and stations
  • Expertise based on the international state of the art
  • Dispersion and explosion modeling of gas clouds with the software Flacs
  • Engineering support fort risk minimization measures
  • Mapping of optimal routes for new pipelines
  • Risk analyses and safety concepts for liquid gas storage or transport

Regional & Spatial Planning

  • Regional and communal planning and development concepts
  • Assessment of building or protection zones, masterplanning
  • Monitoring of population changes and conclusions for the community, e.g. schools, taxes, infrastructure
  • Land use conflict mitigation
  • Traffic- and road access concepts
  • Study commissions / competitions
  • Planning application audit

Landscape & Urban Open Space Planning

  • Landscape development concepts

  • Landscape quality projects

  • Landfill and gravel plant planning

  • Evaluation of groundwater zones

  • Aesthetic and ecological revaluation of publics grounds (river reconstructions, wildlife corridors etc.)

  • Environmental design of company sites and private gardens

  • Revaluation projects such as competitions (participate, jury, publication


Construction of a noise insulated hangar in cooperation with WTM Engineering Hamburg

Redesigning and replanning of the bus station Aarau in front of the railway station with Vehovart + Jauslin AG, Zürich

suisseplan Ingenieure AG

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