More than seventy years of professional experience set high standards in civil engineering. Founded in 1936, WTM has carried out over 13,000 successful projects using innovation and design skills. WTM is still leading the way in achieving engineering excellence both in today’s European markets and in the future. Combining entrepreneurial leadership with engineering expertise, the company owners make WTM a trustworthy partner. Our staff has continuously grown to a team of 220 civil engineers, draughtsmen and clerks. With offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Copenhagen, WTM can assist both public and private clients throughout Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Sectors of service

Civil Engineering

WTM Engineers can look back on a long-standing tradition in civil engineering and bridge design. Over the past decades, we have planned a multitude of difficult civil engineering projects and supported the construction process through to commissioning.

The planning of sophisticated, complex civil engineering projects benefits from our engineers’ extensive experience and outstanding creativity. Thanks to our professional network and our active membership in various councils and standardization committees we are familiar with the latest R&D and standardization trends from an early date.

We optimize the planning of civil engineering structures in particular with regard to functionality, commercial feasibility, structural safety, durability and sustainability, without losing sight of the appropriate design standards.

Ports and Marine Structures

“Water is a friendly element for those who are familiar with it and know how to treat it”, (Johann Wolfgang Goethe, 1802)

As in other disciplines, work on ports and marine structures is governed by the client’s requirements, cost criteria, environmental protection and social impact. WTM Engineers has been addressing these complexes and technically discerning planning tasks for decades now. Our expertise in this field includes planning and monitoring for

  • Facilities for sea and inland ports
  • Inland waterway structures
  • Locks and weirs
  • Offshore wind farms
  • Coastal protection measures
  • Flood defense systems and dikes
  • Marinas and jetties

Industrial Facilities

We can rely on decades of experience in the holistic planning of buildings in all areas of industrial construction, much to the benefit of new assignments. Our expert team of structural engineers and architects, designers and technical specialists stands out for its flexibility, in-budget and in-time approach, the appealing architecture it creates and the sustainability delivered in planning and realizing your projects.

WTM Engineers has extensive experience in general planning, with a special focus on the following structures:

  • Production facilities (cement and concrete industry, automotive and aircraft construction, etc.)
  • Mills and silos
  • Power stations
  • Aircraft hangars/noise protection hangars for aircraft
  • Food production plant
  • Waste disposal facilities
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Logistics plants/warehousing and shipment turnaround plants
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Hazardous material warehouses

Building Construction

As structural engineers for building projects, we are passionate about supporting the architects handling the design work. We enjoy exploring the limits of the rational and economically feasible and, where appropriate, use new materials and construction methods, for which our engineers and designers can rely on complex computing and construction software.

Our aim is to provide all-embracing support from the initial brainstorming to implementation design and construction supervision.

One of WTM Engineers’ particular fields of expertise in building construction is the structural planning of:

  • Office and administrative buildings
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • High-rises
  • Institutes, research and educational facilities
  • Sports and leisure centres; stadiums and swimming pools
  • Cultural buildings: opera houses and theatres, churches, museums
  • Towers, silos and containers
  • Light load-bearing structures, glass roofs and facades

When assembling the appropriate teams we take the relevant expertise and experience of our employees into account, bearing in mind the project’s specific requirements. Where necessary, we involve our own specialists and expert consultants in the realization of the project.

Expert Knowledge

The exchange of knowledge and discussions with our in-house specialists is an enormous help for us when it comes to identifying the best among the good solutions on behalf of the client. Our project teams can draw on this expertise for any projects. We will also be glad to provide this knowledge as a service in its own right. Our expertise in this field includes planning and monitoring for:

  • Steel Construction
  • Solid Construction
  • Fire Prevention
  • Building Physics / Sustainability
  • Safety at Work / Environmental Protection
  • Structural Damage


Köhlbrand Bridge / smartBRIDGE Hamburg

WTM Engineers has been working on structural assessment, design of repair measures and monitoring for the preservation of Hamburg’s landmark for many years. The smartBRIDGE Hamburg project is a digital twin that combines a variety of structural information with real-time monitoring in order to sustainably extend the bridge's service life.

Süderelbe crossing, Hamburg

The projected crossing over the Elbe River in the direct vicinity of the existing “Köhlbrand” Bridge follows in Hamburg’s tradition of innovative major bridge constructions.

New noise protection hangar, Zurich Airport

The new noise protection hangar represents a milestone in the long-term improvement of noise levels. In future when the engines are being tested, only 50-60 decibels of the 156 decibels measured inside the hangar will be heard outside. 126 meters long and 82 meters wide, the hangar can accommodate airplanes up to the size of a B747-8 jumbo jet.

Urban Development and Environment Authorities, Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

With 13 storeys and an underground carpark, the building accommodates not only administrative areas, including offices, a library, a storeroom, a warehouse facility and an archive, but also zones for special use. The cost-optimized and sustainable construction method earned the building a gold certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Architect: Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin

New construction of the fifth lock chamber, Brunsbüttel

The Brunsbüttel lock complex, which consists of two double locks, links the River Elbe and the North Sea with the Kiel Canal. As a prerequisite for the later overhaul of the large lock the construction of a new, fifth lock chamber has been planned between the existing complexes. (Picture: WSV)


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