Merge is a European network of Established and Experienced Consulting Engineers.

The members of the network are experienced consultancy firms with a thorough knowledge about the civil, structural and building services engineering industry in Europe. Members collaborate to offer the engineering design and advisory services to clients across national borders.

By using the network MERGE members can help clients and each other to set up the best organisation for carrying out specific projects. In other words members of MERGE can provide valuable services to investors who wish to develop their activities across national borders, since language, construction law, building codes and regulations will be professionally handled in all the countries where the members are represented. As mentioned above the chief aim for MERGE members is networking and through that assisting clients to find the right expertise in each country. This expertise might be at the clients disposal within MERGE but in many situations MERGE-members can point out local professionals because the member firms have strong ties in their own countries with other reputable, experienced and established consultancy firms whose professional services can be appended. In the Member profiles -section you will find that the MERGE companies have in their disposal a substantial human resource consisting of civil, structural and building services engineers, scientists and technologists.

18 members in 18 countries

Total workforce
5850 people

Combined turnover
409 million EUR

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