IDOM is an independent international Company that delivers professional integrated services in Engineering, Architecture and Consultancy. The company is a leader in Spain and is quickly gaining a worldwide reputation. Since its beginnings in 1957, the company has 920 partners and has developed projects in 125 countries.

IDOM Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering has always been the flagship of IDOM. The multidisciplinary nature of this company serves to reinforce the range of services that the company offers our Clients in the industrial sector; clients whose projects are of strategic importance for the activities of IDOM.

IDOM has a highly qualified team of engineers who taking advances in IT can successfully undertake all nature of industrial projects.

The professional services offered by IDOM cover virtually all industrial sectors and service industries, from the initial concept, to the preliminary production stages, including Consulting Studies, Feasibility Studies, management power of Licences and Permits, Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Assistance during Building and Start-up stage, Owner's engineering and turnkey services. IDOM monitors the quality of its service at all times, to ensure full Customer satisfaction.

IDOM Energy

For several decades now, the Energy Department of IDOM has been actively involved in a large number of major projects in the energy sector, providing a wide array of professional services. These range from energy diagnoses and audits to technical assistance during the start-up phase of new installations, as well as energy planning, the development of detailed engineering, Owner’s engineering services, and technical assistance during the execution of Projects. The high technical capacity of the IDOM staff and extensive technical knowledge results in successfully executed projects and as such a high degree of customer satisfaction, with many clients commissioning further projects.

Over the last ten years, IDOM has become a reference model in the field of energy generation, electricity and natural gas. In these areas, IDOM has contributed to the development of some of the most important combined cycle power plant projects and infrastructure as is evidenced in many the many projects currently underway in Spain, Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

IDOM Telecommunications

IDOM has been providing Services and Solutions in Telecommunications, Technology and Systems for almost 20 years. The main activity sectors include, data centres Government Bodies, highways (ITS), railways, industry, logistics, airports telecommunications and security.

With over 130 professionals (Engineers and Consultants) this area offers technical specialization and capabilities that have been developed throughout a wide range of projects, combining the multidisciplinary nature of the IDOM Group and the needs of our clients. Some of the main activities developed include:

  • Studies and Telecom Global Plans
  • Technological Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Design and Network Deployment
  • Radio Planning
  • Telecom Infrastructure (Optical fibre, Cable HFC, WiMaX, moving bodies, TDT, DAB, ...)
  • Aeronautics
  • Projects and Works Supervision


IDOM Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering department of IDOM has proven experience in the planning and development of major civil infrastructures, both in transport and hydraulic engineering. Over the last 10 years, IDOM has collaborated in several projects in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia in areas such as highways, public transport, supplies, sewage and water treatment projects. The services that IDOM offers its client (both public and private), can be grouped in the following:

  • Planning and basic studies
  • Development of building projects
  • Technical assitance in building projects
  • Overall project and building management

The range of services available includes: feasibility studies, alternative designs, preliminary and construction designs, project planning and site supervision in the following fields of civil engineering:

  • Land Development
  • Urban Planning
  • Roads / Motorways
  • Public Transport (Trains, Airports)
  • Railway Works
  • Foundations and Structures
  • Geology and Geotechnics
  • Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineering


IDOM Strategic Consulting

IDOM Consulting offers many services and products in various fields, supporting companies and institutions in the decision-making process for investment or the improvement of the organizations along the value chain. This area of business provides advice to public and private entities to support the decision-making process in order to improve the competitiveness and appeal of regions and corporations for investment.

  • The main areas in which IDOM Consulting works include:
  • Development and competitiveness plans
  • Market analysis and feasibility studies
  • Strategy and management
  • Operation and logistics
  • Systems and Geosystems
  • Region and city

Our global perspective is evidenced by projects in more than 50 countries across five continents.

IDOM Architecture & Construction

Today, our architecture department is one of the largest in Spain. This area is made up of around 200 professionals who have completed over 250 projects. These teams draw on invaluable experience gained on some of the most iconic projects carried out in recent times.

IDOM uses a methodology that combines avant-garde design and technical development to ensure that the economic goals are met and the required quality and timeframes can be successfully achieved.

The services offered include the development of every stage of a project, from the preliminary steps of design competitions and feasibility studies to construction supervision and project management.  IDOM is also one of the largest architectural practices in Europe and has won a number of prizes for its designs including prizes at European level such as the Euro-Belgian Prize.

The philosophy that inspires our architecture is based on a well-founded desire to design buildings that respect traditional values while at the same time performing their function. The aesthetic aspect should be based not only on architectural interest but also on the building’s value for society. Our approach emphasizes the importance of its function for society in general terms and the client in particular.

Our architecture is avant-garde in its conception and design. We have carried out architectural works such as cultural, educational, sports, leisure and commercial buildings, office buildings for private and public agents, urban design equipment, technological industries and many more specialized projects. We have also performed projects in which we have reached new limits with respect to structures. These technical, creative and innovative capabilities allow us to develop projects which fully meet the needs of the client.

The services provided by IDOM in architectural design cover all the necessary stages for the development of a building, from studies of competition and feasibility to technical projects and handover to the client.

IDOM Environment

As a result of the increasing burden of environmental regulation and a greater awareness of society as a whole, IDOM has gradually extended the range of environmental services the firm offers.

IDOM offers an integrated package of services ranging from general environmental services, projects and specialised consulting services in environmental management to the instigation of “turnkey” corrective measures.

  • Waste
  • Soil
  • Biodiversity
  • Clean Energy
  • Water
  • Air and Noise
  • Climate Change
  • Consulting Services

Some clients contract services when the necessity arises while others contract IDOM on a permanent basis to cover all their environmental needs.

IDOM Nuclear Services

IDOM´s experience in the nuclear sector has its inception in the early nuclear generation projects developed in Spain in the late 70s and 80s, participating in the construction of Ascó and Vandellós nuclear power plants (NPPs). Our relationship with these and other projects has continued throughout the lives of these facilities.

Working on these projects has enabled us to acquire technical abilities and experience in the fields of engineering technical support, industrial architecture, civil, mechanical, and structural engineering design and advanced analysis. Our participation in the Energhia Consortium, providing engineering services to Fusion for Energy and the ITER organization within the fusion research project marks a milestone in the development of the nuclear services provided by IDOM NS.

The spectrum of activities of the business unit covers a wide range of projects, from minor component or subsystems analysis to major design projects for new facilities. On the Radioactive Facilities and Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) market, IDOM NS offers a broad range of activities ranging from initial site studies, basic and conceptual engineering to detailed projects and/or constructing part of the structures, systems and components (SSC) of the NPP; including ancillary structures, systems and components, process and packaging units. IDOM NS can offer nuclear engineering services working both as an integrated resource within the client’s engineering team on site and as an external resource from the various IDOM offices.

IDOM Advanced Analysis

The main function of the Advanced Analysis Department is to develop special projects or to carry out studies of unusual problems and, in general, any job that falls outside the systematic application of normal procedures. A major achievement of the activity of this Business Area is the development of technology which is closely integrated with the industrial activity of the client.

The Advanced Analysis Department works mainly in the field of Applied Mechanics.


PMC Expansion of the Talara Refinery - Peru

The expansion and modernization of the Talara refinery is the most important energy project in Peru in recent years. IDOM is the owner’s engineer (in a consortium with Summum and Nippon Koei) during the entire project.

Coral Nursery Design (Saudi Arabia)

Bellara steel complex (Algeria)

Mauna Kea Spectroscopic Explorer Telescope (USA)


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