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We focus particularly on the development of industrial zones, industrial buildings, power generation projects, public and civil buildings.

We have significant expertise in infrastructure, power lines and ecological issues. Regeneration of brownfield sites is one of our core strengths.

We have been one of the leading consultancy firms in the Czech republic for more than 60 years. Our services have been successfully delivered in 23 countries throughout the world.

Our company has a long track record in in the Czech and Slovak republics and we are well placed to support international investors and their investment projects.

Sectors of service


Large industrial zones are built in the Czech and Slovak republic for industrial buildings, particularly for the automotive industry and light industry, most recently involving logistic centers and warehouses as well. Automotive new projects or extensive of the existing projects is our main market followed by large already running production facilities.

Industrial zones

Projects whose aim is to develop industrial zones are strengths presented in our portfolio. Our company was involved in the majority of 5 strategic industrial zones in the Czech republic.

Energy buildings

This covers mostly power stations as well as district heating plants. Our specialists are ready to prepare an optimal design not only for power generation buildings but also for related buildings  – desulphurization, dust removal, flue ash removal,  denitrification, and so on. An analysis of heating distribution networks then enables to optimize investment and operation of heating plants.

Public and civil buildings

Project development of public and civil buildings is another part of designing activities provided by the company Technoprojekt. The project development of public and civil buildings is provided in all phases of project documentation needed for legislative permits of public and civil buildings, including the environmental impact assessment study completion.


Phillips-Medisize Plant Poland

GBPBP provides a full design package for all branches from Concept Stage, Building Permit Design, Tender Design and Detailed designs for a most modern facility producing medical devices and equipment.

In 2021, Technoprojekt drew up master plans for three major coal mines, which ceased operations. In total, there are 500ha of depressed areas with existing mining structures, which are to be given a new function and use. The mine in the picture includes valuable historical buildings that will be reconstructed and used as a national mining museum in a new, interactive concept. In addition to the existing buildings, a number of new ones will be added for the location of the competence centre for special foundations. A digital art gallery will be installed in one of the mining towers. Technoprojekt continues to develop the area marked by mining activities and welcomes cooperating companies with experience in this area.

Assembly plant TPCA in industrial zone Kolín - Ovčáry, Czech Republic: A building of the new automobile assembly plant TPCA in Kolín at the Industrial Zone Kolín. The main production buildings are added by a number of service and supporting units. The plant consists of the press shop for cutting and pressing, welding shop for car bodies welding paint shop for metal bodies spraying, assembly hall for assembly of cars, power units, loading ramp to load products, administration buildings for sanitary facilities and offices. New assembly plant with capacity 300 000 cars/year. The frame building area is 1 520 x 800m.

Assembly plant for automatic gearbox, Phase I and II: In the factory of Skoda Auto in Vrchlabi, Czech Republic, Technoprojekct worked on phase I and phase II. In phase I the main task of the design and construction of the workshop hall M2 is extension of the first phase of this workshop for the automobile gearboxes production in the northern direction. In phase II the existing production hall with production area of 8 500 m2 has been extended about 31 500 m2 to the total production area 39 800 m2.

H-project, ASSEMBLY PLANT Hyundai in Nošovice, Czech Republic: The building of the car production plant of Hyundai at the Industrial Zone of Nošovice for production of cars of the capacity of 300 th. cars/year.

KIA Motors – new car assembly plant in Žilina, Slovakia: New assembly plant with capacity 300.000 cars/year. Elaboration of project documentation for all involved infrastructure incl. drainage, electricity and gas supply roads, parking.

Building of A New Energy Source 320 MW ArcelorMittal Ostrava: Technoproject provided a design documentation for building permit, detailed documentation , as built documentation and technical supervision.

New Offices in the Administration Building of Škoda Auto – Vrchlabí: The aim of the study was to build  new premises for office rooms for a part of the Škoda Auto  factory in Vrchlabí.A total built up area of the area designed is 1000m2.

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