Since its creation in 1982 in Paris, the Terrell group has become a leading multi-disciplinary building engineering consultancy, with headquarters in France and offices in the UK and the Middle East. As an independent and management-owned firm, Terrell has successfully adapted to the challenges of a fast-evolving construction industry.

Terrell offers expertise in all major aspects of building engineering, from structural to MEP and façade disciplines, and has gained national & international renown working with many leading architects while retaining a concentrated allegiance to their clients’ core requirements by:

  • optimizing engineering design
  • balancing architectural requirements with budgetary constraints
  • integrating all aspects of design within a full BIM (Building Information Management) framework
  • using the latest technology and expertise to achieve optimum buildability, speed of construction and value for money.


We pride ourselves on the innovation we implement in the construction market and on the benefits cutting-edge engineering (Building Information Modelling) brings to our clients. Terrell’s professional approach to the creation of sophisticated BIM models allows for project collaboration, improved design accuracy and a faster design process, as well as ensuring compatibility between all disciplines. 

With today’s demands of performance and economy from all construction projects, success can only be guaranteed if all parties in the construction process work together and with the aim of delivering optimised, holistic solutions. Terrell’s pragmatic approach, combining rigorous analysis with a complete understanding of the project’s challenges, ensures optimum buildability


Terrell references in concrete, steel and timber construction are numerous and emblematic including high-rise towers, large scale public facilities (including schools, hospitals and housing), industrial and retail spaces, office buildings, sporting and cultural facilities and heritage renovations. Numerous projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa have put us in a leading position in terms of technological innovation and project insight.


At Terrell, multi-disciplinary engineering does not involve compromise. Quality is guaranteed at all levels by the full commitment of our specialist engineers. We bring our vast experience to the benefit of our clients, to ensure that their best interests are safeguarded through coordinated, innovative and appropriate design solutions.


Environmental quality is an incentive and objective at the heart of our projects, both during the architectural and technical design phases and right through to implementation on site. Our approach is first and foremost to deliver effective passive solutions before considering intelligent and appropriate active technology, to ensure the most effective systems for low energy consumption of the completed building.


We are proud to have a truly international culture with upwards of 120 specialist engineers and skilled professionals working on numerous international completed projects confirming our position in terms of technological innovation and project management with teams worldwide.


  • Engineering Design
  • Feasibility Studies & Audits
  • Peer Reviews & Surveys 
  • Technical Site Supervision
  • Construction Documentation


Deeply committed to technical excellence and professionalism, Terrell seeks to combine the talents of our individual engineers within a company structure that nurtures innovation, rewards success and promotes quality.


Reims Arena, France

Terrell's brief was to design the building structure and envelope for the Reims Arena major events hall near the heart of the city of Reims in France.

The 12 000m² building is comprised of 3 clearly identifiable levels which offer the possibility of partitioning events from one another adding to the building's multifunctional capability. Spectator numbers can total 5500 seated or 9000 standing.

Arboretum, France

Eco campus in Nanterre is the largest timber campus in Europe, covering over 126 000 m².

The low carbon project is made up of 5 new buildings and 2 reconditioned industrial buildings connected by walkways and built within a 9-hectare landscaped park. The project is using 30 400m³ of timber of which 20 500m³ is solid timber.

Terrell designed an integrated structure & envelope engineering concept.

Silex 2, Lyon France

The Silex 2 Tower in the Part-Dieu district of Lyon involves the rehabilitation of the existing EDF tower and an extension to it with a new 22 storey tower. The superstructure culminates at a height of 122m and offers a surface area of 30 000m². The two towers are linked by an 8-storey base building for offices and shared services.

Hatta Mountain Dubai Summit Complex
UAE for EDF and DEWA

A remarkable project featuring a cable car complex culminating at the summit of Hatta’s Al Nasoor Mountain. The project includes 3 cable car stations, a luxury hotel & restaurant, a visitor centre, and a mountain top viewing station with a further hotel. The lower and intermediary stations are based around the pumped-storage hydropower plant and include Corten ribbons formed of metal mesh.

The iconic summit station will feature two Corten curtain walls supporting the elliptical ring with a cantilever of almost 30m and an innovative structural principle including a primary steel truss. Major rock excavations will be undertaken to accommodate the plant rooms.

The project uses the very latest technology for the electro-mechanical systems based on IOT and connectivity of the specified equipment. The goal to preserve the environment will be achieved through sustainability and renewable energy. Each station will include a dedicated and resilient power station, cooling and heating system. The summit station will require a vacuum drainage system and an advanced Smart Platform will manage the energy efficiency of the project.

St Gobain Tower, Paris France
BIM D'ARGENT 2017 & CTBUH Award for Excellence 2021

The St Gobain Tower was designed with exceptionally pure lines. Standing 165 m high it offers 49 000m² of floor space with a geometry designed to meet the most advanced requirements of flexibility and comfort whilst attaining excellent environmental standards.

The tower has 30 floors including 2 VIP floors and a sizeable, enclosed roof garden.


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